Authentic Malvani Cuisine in Hotel Curry Cloud Devbagh


07.30 am - 10.30 am

Puri Bhaji

Veg Masala Blend Of Spices, Straddled By A Slab Of Butter & Small Rounds Of Dough Deep Fried.

₹ 140/-


Mixed Beans Sprouts, Spices, Chopped Onions And Tomatoes. Home-Made Spices & Magic Of Farsan.

₹ 100/-

Ghavne Chatni

A Thin, Crisp Malvani Dosa Made With A Runny Rice Batter Served With Delicious Green Chutney.

₹ 60/-

Kande Pohe

Poha With Onions, Potatoes & Seasoning of Chilies, Lemon & Curry.

₹ 60/-


A Traditional Marathi Flat Bread Made With Bhajani, Onion, Chilies & Coriander Leaves.

₹ 100/-


12.30 pm - 03.30 pm

Vanga Bharit

Little Spicy Delicious The aroma of coriander, green & onions.

₹ 180/-

Mug Khichadi

Made With Rice And Moong Dal Served With Yogurt, Pickle.

₹ 220/-

Crab Masala

A Spicy And flavorful Crab Curry Cooked With A Coconut Masala.

₹ APS/-

Mutton Malvani

Malvani Mutton Is A Spicy Preparation Of Mutton Cooked In Malwani Spices & Coconut.

₹ 350/-

Surmai Curry

A Kingfish (Surmai) Cooked With Coconut Gravy and Homemade Authentic Malvani Masala.

₹ APS/-


7.30 pm - 11.00 am

Hara Bhara Kabab

Spiced Vegetable Patties Stuffed With Cottage Cheese And Corn.

₹ 180/-

Paneer Tikka

Chunks Of Paneer Marinated In Spices and Grilled In A Tandoor.

₹ 225/-

Paneer Haryali Tikka

Cottage Cheese Coated With Curd & Coriander-Mint, & Grilled In A Tandoor.

₹ 250/-

Paneer Shashlik

Cottage Cheese Chunks Skewered With Onion, Tomato & Shashlik Sauce.

₹ 225/-

Bharwa Shimla Mirch

Whole Green Capsicum Stuffed With Vegetables And Cooked On Grey Charcoal.

₹ 200/-


7.00 am - 10.00 am

Veg Plain Sandwich

Sandwich With Veggie, Butter and Sliced Plain Bread.

₹ 110/-

Veg Toasted Sandwich

Sandwich With Toasted Bread Butter and Veggie Spices.

₹ 120/-

Cheese Grilled Sandwich

A Grilled Cheese Sandwich With A Cheese Slice in between.

₹ 140/-

Veg Cheese Plain Sandwich

A Veggie & Cheese Placed Between Two Slices Of Plain Bread Butter.

₹ 130/-

Chicken Plain Sandwich

A Boneless, Skinless Breast Of Chicken, Mayonnaise Served Between Slices Of Plain Bread.

₹ 120/-